Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mmmmm! Tastes like Randy.

The graphic above was sent in by a sadvertising reader. It's a breakfast cereal named, (a-hem) "Good Friends."

Somewhere out there, this little box of roughage is giving a stand-up comic an hour's worth of one-liners.

"Hey! Who ate all my Good Friends?!"

"Those are my Good Friends. If you want Good Friends, buy your own!"

"Cut up'a little bannana, some whole milk, pour it over some Good Friends...MmmMMM! That's breakfast!"

"I'm outta Good Friends. Gonna'have to pick some up after work."

And of course, there's the obvious referrences between Good Friends and the potentially unfriendly effects of "33% fiber", but after the previous blog post, I'm trying to avoid scatological humor.

Although the health-food industry seems to want to make their cause more palatable to a broad market, they just can't seem to bridge the gap from fringe to mainstreamYou can't have good friends and eat them, too.

Pass the Grape Nuts™ - no grapes, no nuts, no friends. Just breakfast.