Thursday, May 18, 2006

Into the Bounding Surf for You!

The above image is another from my collection of vintage ads - this one is an ad for "Sal Hepatica" laxative from Life Magazine, July 23, 1944.

It's a wonderful ad with evocative illustration and engaging copy - just look at poor Al; ratty hair, furrowed brow, the look of despair - you just KNOW he can't poop.

But thankfully, Al's wife has a glass of Sal Hepatica handy (or maybe rocket fuel?!). Whatever's bugging Al is going to get blown away by that stuff!

Anyway, here's the actual copy:

6 A.M. First day of Al's vacation - and what a start! Al is sluggish, headachy...full of constipation symptoms. But smart Mrs. Al suggests a sparkling glass of Sal Hepatica - right now, before breakfast. And then -

8 A.M. Into the bounding surf! Is Al grateful...

I have to stop there - there's this vision of Al running pell-mell into the ocean, then...kind of...stopping...and just kind of...stopping....and Mrs Al daintily bounces into the surging sea and Al screams, "DON'T COME IN THE WATER!" Then, sheepishly pleads, "Just leave me alone for a sec, okay?"

Mrs. Al - knowing the power of Sal Hepatica, puts one fist on her hip and wags her finger, playfully scolding her relieved husband, then giggles and scampers off to the dry, clean towel underneath their beach umbrella.

Later, Al and Mrs. Al have a great time playing on the beach. But they know better than to go into the ocean. For a while, anyway.

He he. A big toast of Sal Hepatica to the writer and illustrator of this excellent, classic example of advertising.