Thursday, January 05, 2006

Do graphic designers think Ellen Degeneres is full of hot air?!

When a graphic designer gets to the point where they're working on national mags like Redbook, they're professionals who don't miss a note.

Thumbing through my sister's January '06 edition, it was a surprise to see a photo-graphic that appears to show Ellen Degeneres making notes of her own. Oh, they're tasteful notes - not like a "Braaa-ap!" or "Blluuurpht!" or "Blububububub."

Nope. Ellen Degeneres doesn't make those kind of noises - especially wearing white. Ellen's a "Psst!" girl - like my sister used to pull on long car trips...silent, but deadly.

Anyway, it kinda makes ya'wonder if someone isn't making a statement. If so, and I were Ellen, I'd think it stunk.