Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Hey Ahmed...bring some'more Mr. Clean when ya get off break, 'k?"

The photo above is from a Foxnews story on some alleged cases of "Bird Flu" in Turkey.

The caption reads: "An Iranian man disinfects Turkish trucks..."

Maybe I'm just a typical obsessive-compulsive American, but if that's "disinfecting," then we can probably also call the practice of letting pets lick dirty dinner plates clean, "doing dishes."

In other words, that poor dude ain't disinfectin' nuthin'.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Turks, we can expect a world-wide Bird Flu to be delayed by at least 2 days.*

*FYI - the writer of this blog remembers Swine Flu of the 70's and takes this whole Flu-thing with basketball-sized grains of salt.