Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vegan clipart. Amazing!

The ad above is for Soyameat - an unfortunately named "product" from 1962.

Go ahead and enlarge the ad - spend a few moments in wonder, disgust or oblivion...

Before we get to the ad's "Star," did you notice the number of times that 'meat' was cleverly alluded?  I found "SOY BEAN CHICK'N" to be fascinating.   It's as if removing the "E" makes the deception somehow fun.  Kind of like when taking a bite, scowling the face and crying, "But mo-om, you said this was chicken!"  And mom replies, "I did. It's ChickN.  Not ChickEN!"

Hilarity ensues.

And the photograph.  For a black-on-yellow job, it's rather brilliant.  It almost looks like Mee't.  Or mud.  No, that'd be Mu'd.   Oh well, if you read the copy, you'll see that it's actually FIBROTEIN®.  It's patented, by the way, so don't go thinking you can just go out in the backyard and make this stuff yourself.

Well, ok.  Here's the star.

THE GUY!  How brilliant is HE?!  Look.  I've done a few illustrations myself, hired some of the best in the business too.  And as an expert in authentic, genuine drawing, the artist positively NAILED the look of dad as mom just explained, "Honey, it's Soyameat!  Isn't it AMAZING?!"

Go ahead, look again.

Told ya.  It's perfect.

Btw - the Worthington Foods company is still in business.  Judging from the lack of stories about the horrors of Soyameat toxins, I suspect the company has got it figured out and it's probably better than edible.  But I'll be damned if that's the face I'd make...