Sunday, October 05, 2014

And here's why daddy drinks: Caleb.


Silly Caleb.  Wily Caleb.  Clever Caleb.  Computer-owning Caleb.

Trust-fund Caleb.

"I'll design your logo for $5" Caleb!

Right now, there are graphic artists, designers, IP attorneys, advertising agencies, political consultants... looking at Caleb thinking the same thing:  I hate this guy.

Go ahead and look.  No, glare at Caleb's smirk.  Can't you hear the self-satisfied mumbling?

"I'm going to make it green!  Green!  he he he.  They're going to get a GREEN logo!  And I'm going to use Trebuchet!   (click click click click)  THERE.  A logo.  They are getting a green logo in Trebuchet!  (sips $9 latte).  With a purple penguin.  Like (click click) that."

"He he."

(Caleb clicks 'SEND', takes another sip of his $9 latte and flicks a text to his parents reminding them that his rent is due.  And he has decided to only buy groceries from a Himalayan goji berry prophet in Amsterdam).

In the meantime, a hymn from the book of Huey seems appropriate:

We gotta kick Caleb's ass.