Monday, July 02, 2012

It's good. But the GREATEST?!?!

The graphic above is a web-ad for AccuQuote.  They sell life insurance.  Apparently.

It's not a bad ad in terms of layout and design.  It's not great, though.  But that's not the point.  The point here is the Reach of the headline,  "The greatest gift I can ever give my family is life insurance."

Really?  I think the greatest gift the family can give the woman in-question is a trip to an Intervention as she's obviously about to do something stupid.  As in "terminal."  Why else would someone say such  hollow thing?

"Mom, can you play?"

"No honey."

"Teach me about life and stuff?"

"No honey."

"Help me with my coloring?"

"No honey.  I'm preparing to do something even better.   How about $500,000 payable on death?"


Who are AccuQuote trying to reach?!  Clearly their market are the shallow, vacuous and totally-removed from reality.

I can see the train of mourners walking past the casket, all-smiles... each pauses, smiles and whispers, "Thank you."