Saturday, June 23, 2012

You know what's UN-FAIR?!?

The ad above is from the "Un-fair" campaign running in Duluth, Minnesota.

Near as I can tell - besides generating a ton of publicity of the city of Duluth, Minnesota - it's supposed to make White people feel guilty because they're better than Black, Yellow, Brown or Green people.

I'm really trying to wrap my brain around this one - but I just...can't...quite...reason... bah!  I give up.  This must be how it feels to sniff glue.

Look.  I hate being a whitey of European descent.  I got no blues, my language is impossible to master, I like Buicks and my idea of egg rolls get baked in an oven.  And they're pizza flavor to boot.

Sometimes, the self-loathing is so bad, all I eat is Wonderbread, Swiss Cheese and Mayo.  Washed down with Chablis.

Plus, Fonzie was white.  And he was short!  (I hate tall people, btw.  They can reach stuff I can only dream about).  UN-FAIR.


Dumb, dumb ad.  The equivalent of crying Fire in a crowded room then trying to rationalize the discontent by explaining, "Aren't you glad it wasn't real?!"

In the meantime, I just watched the clip below...RUN!  RUN!  To Canada!  Or Sweden!