Thursday, August 02, 2012

Inside Kristen Stewart's mind - the echo is deafening.

The graphic above is a screen-shot from somewhere inside today's site.  It's an article from the ironically named "Dr. Keith Ablow."

Aside from having an outrageously funny headline... I had this visual of walking alone in a vast desert, the crunch of dried, cracked dirt underfoot and nothing but endless vista before me.

Aside from being poorly written... Here's the rule, Doc; if you post a picture of yourself with a blue power tie, you can't do "stream of consciousness."  I can.  But I wear hipster glasses, know the best wine for less than $6 a bottle and listen to indie music.  You, good sir, are bald and old.  Ick.

Aside from being a horrifying waste of time...

This article IS a brilliant example of how our news and information is being delivered peddled to us in this fantastic digital era.

"If Kristen Stewart is like the hundred people who have shared their personal, intimate thoughts with me..."

Oh sweet jeebus on a stick - this whole thing is an ef-fing AD!  And a crappily-written one, too.  I can find a hundred people to share their personal, intimate thoughts at the local soup kitchen.  And the keyword-laced copy reeks of correspondence-course SEO.

So.  Doc.  If you want to build a brand, there are a hundred ways to do it better than riding the coat-tails of a young woman who just wants to sleep her way up the flagpole.

In the meantime:

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Obama Romney duel against Martian Aliens in 2012 against Syrian Forces breaking up global warming with Doctor Oz and Nate Berkus riding Oprah Winfrey's Kristen Stewart mind at Chick-fil-A gay homosexual chicken restaurants with late airline arrivals at all time highs to be attacked by Great White Sharks and Miley Cyrus may be pregnant with lucifer's step child.

There.  That should get me a bajillion hits.