Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Secret® Stall

The scan above is for Secret® deodorant.  It'd been sitting on my desk for a month or two.  Today, I gave up hope of fully understanding the Creative behind it.

What I've been able to grasp, however is this:  Secret® deodorant is tying its product to a higher-minded concept of eliminating "mean."  The copy under the scratched-in headline is simple:  "Be nice behind someone's back."  A Facebook page has been set up to handle the Viral - ""

Yes.  "Mean" stinks.  So does vandalism.  So does having to use small-town truck stop restrooms.

Anyway.  Here's the scenario - Kara B sits down to pee, looks up at the scratched metal and thinks, "Awwww.  That was sooo SWEET!"    Later, Kara B is sitting with a few other girls at the Truck Stop and she says, "Alright, which one of you wrote me the message in Stall 4?  Trixie?  Delight?  Desiree?  That was sooo SWEET!"

Desiree sheepishly raises her hand, the girls giggle, a big black Kenworth hisses to a halt and our angelic vandal gives a wink before trotting out the door to the parking lot.  For a Secret meeting...OH!  I GET IT NOW!

SECRET® is for GIRLS WHO HAVE SECRETS!!  (slaps forehead).

Well duh!

Men write their Secrets on bathroom stalls, too.

Group hug!