Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ahh. Sweet harmony.

I just received the ad above from a sadvertising reader.

He's a fashionista - of course, he found the Marvel Comics-inspired color scheme compelling.  But me...I'm always drawn into the deep strategy.  Cuz I'm a thinking-kind-of-guy.   You know - I'm the one comparing labels in the condiment aisle, "Maybe its time to try Hunts Catsup over Heinz.  What could possibly go wrong?"


The headline, "In our family, we're all together on the wonderful..."

So.  There was a family meeting on the issue of how to heat the home?!  "Shut UP, Roger!  It's Danny's turn, now! (ah-hem)  Danny - your thoughts on going to Flameless Electric Home Heating?"

"Make Roger gimme my army men back!"

"Fine!  I try to teach democracy to this family and what do I get?!  You think I work this hard to put up with all of your...?!"

Ha ha.  Just kiddin'.  This was back in the days when families said Please, Thank You and Ma'am & Sir.  I bet the meeting went brilliantly and afterwards, mom made Jeno's pizza and everyone got a whole bottle of Coke®.   For real.

But I bet the kid on the far right ended up in Fashion Design in New York City.  Or San Francisco.

(Forty years later)

"Hal, do you think it was the Flameless Electric Home Heating that...you know, made Gary..."

"Either that or those damn drapes that your mother bought us."