Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is ONE way to win a taste test. I guess.

The screenshot above is from Pierre Foods - a manufacturer of, well, food.  The crude drawing of a sickly green person getting ready to Ralph is mine.

For a company that can run a dang-fine cover shot like the one shown, they're danged insecure about their hamburgers  I mean, comparing their COOKED burger to a "leading raw burger?!"

(scene: Corporate guy with clipboard, in a Mall, behind two plates)

"Ok, mom. Would you rather serve your kids this sizzling burger or patty up some of this raw stuff and risk spending 4 nervous weeks as your kids fight for life against e-coli poisoning?"

"Uh...I'll take the cooked burger!"

"YAY!  We win!  Again!  We're great, we're great nananana boo boo We're Great!  Again!"

And evidently, the Pierre people took this bizarre taste-test on the road - nationally.

"Ok, now what's better - our tasty chicken sandwich or this fistful of poultry intestines?"

"YAY!  We win!  Again!  We're great, we're great nanana..."

NOTE:  A Sadvertising reader just offered the following factoid:  1:3 still preferred the RAW BURGER.