Saturday, October 16, 2010


The graphic above is a scan sent to me by a Sadvertising reader who received it in a "card-deck" mailing to his home.  Suffice it to state, it's for a company marketing "Outdoor Gear."

Regardless, you're looking at one of the hardest-working pieces of paper this side of a dysentery ward (or a political flier - same thing).

Sweet jimminy - we've got a Goth babe (with hip dysplasia?), FIRE - LOTS of FIRE! -  no less than five fonts, a ginormous pizza oven with FIRE - LOTS of FIRE! and good ole' Shep holding a dead pheasant.  On white carpet.

I feel like I just washed my eyes with Red Bull.

Oh.  Wait.  I'm re-reading now... oh!  Well, duh.  I should have read the copy first.  It's "Not your ordinary Hunting Sale!"

Well alright then - they're marketing Un-ordinary.  Everything makes total sense now.  In that case, the only change I would have made would be to add a Cadillac Escalade with 25" bling rims somewhere.  Maybe too a picture of Grizzly Bear.  And maybe a stack of $100's and a bottle of Jack Daniels.  But that's just me.

However, the sadvertising reader who contributed this piece offered this commentary:

"That dog is going to be in deep (doo), on several fronts. First, he dragged this dead bird inside on the nice white rug. Second, Jasmine's obviously in The Mood For Love, since she has her lacy see-my-(breasts) top on. Notice how ticked she looks that this mutt is interrupting her romantic evening. And it must be evening since there's a nice fire in the fireplace. So where did the dead bird come from? Last I checked, you can't shoot them at night. Maybe Bob was one rooster over the limit so he chucked this one in the ditch on the way home earlier in the day, and now Ol' Brainless goes and sniffs the damn thing up and brings it back."

(LOL! - thank you Sadvertising Reader who professes to be a rabid hunter with insistence upon excellent outdoor gear, taste in fine women and hunting with dogs who know better than to bring dead game into a house).