Saturday, September 04, 2010

Drake goes for an untapped market.

The graphic above is a screenshot of Drake University's home page.  It touts their new marketing campaign promoting the "Drake Plus" advantage.

Obviously, high academic standards are not one of their advantages.   In fact, Drake is content to say, "We're upper-below average."

And therein lies Drake's genius - going straight for the market that no other University has dared to target - under achievers.  Of course, Drake's smart in going for the best of the underachievers - the solid D+'ers - but it's still a risky move because it assumes their market knows how to read.

However, I showed this to my kid and he uttered the catchphrase of today's youth, "FAIL!"

Thanks to the Sadvertising reader (an educator, no less) for letting me know.

NOTE - The frame below is also from their website.  The copy HAS to be someone's idea of a last-day-on-the-job prank because it simply can't get any more upper below-average.

"Breaking through the box.  Analyzing every angle.
Serving up a different point of view.  It's what you do.
It's why you're not just thinking "a great education." That's a given.
No, you're looking for the + factor.
Welcome to Drake.
An experience where every single thing connects to who you are.  And what you want tomorrow to be.
When it comes to choosing the college that fits you best, there's simply no  higher grade."