Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ladies. I simply idea.

This morning, I happened to look over my bride's shoulder as she thumbed through the week's stack of junk mail.   To my surprise - shock - horror(?) she paused over a Target® coupon page that featured their  "up&up" brand of tampons.

I saw the arrow pointing at the clutch-purse-case and gasped.

"Are those things THAT BIG?!?"

Sweet jimminy.  Those up&up tampons are bigger than a Coney Island chili dog!

We men simply have no idea what you ladies go through. Again, I bow to my wife for her regal decorum and sheer ability to endure.

Or, the graphic designer was a guy.

Update:  A Sadvertising reader just remarked that it took a bit of time to absorb this post.  (knee slap) Funn-nEE!

Another update:  A Sadvertising reader offered up a .jpg of the 40ct package.  Man! That clutch is NFL regulation!  "Hut! Hut! Girlfriend! Go long - this one's going up & up!"