Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Share of mind" permanently, indelibly.

The graphic above is taken from a Noble Roman's sell-sheet touting their food program for people wanting to get into the pizza and sub business.

Did you notice the generous serving of pepperoni on the pizza?  Perhaps the attractive visi-cooler showing both pizza and sandwich?  How about the pricing strategy - 2-fer $10.99 is an interesting upsell and 3.99 HAS to be competitive in the sub market.

Oh...and look at the header copy:  "Award Winning!"  and  "Made Fresh Here Daily!"  Excellent that the company has achieved notoriety for their food and the apparent commitment to quality

Yes.  Yes!  Noble Roman's appears to be doing their best to capture their share of a competitive market.

PS - I don't know about you, but there's something about Noble Roman's that scares the LIVING BEJEEBUS out of me.


(deep breath)


Sweet jimminy, I'm glad I "just said No!" to that LSD offered to me on the school bus otherwise I'd probably be hanging on to the ceiling by my fingernails.