Monday, February 08, 2010

Someone's dating the Account Executive.

The spot above is the "Green Police" ad for Audi.  It aired during the Super Blow.

The Super Blow is an erupting pustule on the butt of the advertising industry for one reason - because of it's "Lookie!" culture, advertising is reduced to mere product porn,  hoodwinking clients that "share of mind" is just like "dollars in the bank."

Anyway, the above ad for Audi is proof.  In case you don't want to watch it, here's the scoop:  In the near future, we'll live under the thumb of "Green Police" who watch our every move, arresting us for eco-unfriendly activities like using incandescent bulbs, hot hot tubs and not recycling banana peels.

However, Audi diesel owners will get along just fine in this Dystopian world because their car is "Green Police" friendly.  In fact, the environmental overlords will smile upon Audi's good citizenship.

The message:  Audi owners will thrive in this new authoritarian state, handing over their free will to those who know how to run our lives best.

Power to the people, the only color of Audi I see is NAZI RED.   And what of the current fleet on the road?  Will they suddenly be rounded up in an automotive Kristallnacht and sent off to out-of-the-way smelters?

This ad was so dumb - and for a German car company no less.

Or else, the ad agency Account Executive was really, really hot and soooo Kalifornia.

Me?  I know what I'm drivin'...700 Horses and powered by the ultra-refined power of 100% Blue Whale oil.