Friday, November 09, 2007

The Apocalypse has been delayed.

The above graphic is the splashpage for Batter Blaster - squirt-on pancake & waffle batter.

Sweet jiminy on a stove, human genius is alive!

I promise these guys aren't a client...they're not even buddies. They could be pod-people from Planet X but one thing is for sure - BATTER BLASTER MAKES SENSE!


"Oh man...didn't we just finally finish cleaning up from LAST YEAR?!"

No more giant bowls, powder, oil...or chipping dried batter off the floor. Just tip & spray...and flip when toasty brown.

All "Batter Blaster" has to do is taste good and they should have a hit. Blueberry, apple & cinammon, strawberry & bannana...I'm there already and I haven't even seen the stuff in real life!

PS - I called BB to make sure they were fer-real. They are. They're nice, too. From the sounds of things, they're a small company that's working hard to make a go. If you see BB, I hope you give it a try and even more, I hope it lives up to its promise.