Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Over-reaching the slogan.

The graphic above is from a web ad touting a new Lincoln automobile. Lincoln's ad slogan is "Reach Higher."

So, together, it's: Lincoln. Reach Higher.

(sigh) Rust never sleeps and neither do awkward slogans.

Lincoln (period, completed thought). Reach Higher. (period, completed thought).

I think the copywriter wanted "Reach Higher" to be a command. So, to Reach Higher after a Lincoln is probably referring to...Lexus? BMW? Mercedes?

And, if you're reaching, reaching, reaching for a Lincoln, you probably can only afford the Ford.

Going after the ambititous, start-up crowd is a good idea but the objective is to capture them, not become a stepping stone to other brands or end up as a mirage of materialism.

The solution here is to give the car a slogan that does more than give a weak motivational pep-talk. Lincoln customers are working hard for a destination, not more straining and struggling.

How's this! "Lease me, impress everyone. Including yourself."

Or, reach a little higher and get a used Lexus that'll be cheaper to maintain in the long run allowing you to buy that Porsche you REALLY want.