Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hee! Hee! Hee!

The graphic above is a scan of a Whoopie Cushion my daughter "won" at a Chuck E Cheese restaurant.

We spend years telling our kids, "Farts aren't funny. Say 'excuse me.'"

Then, in the mere exchange of 5 paper tickets, Chuck E. Cheese himself puts his stamp of approval on the plastic-scented, inhumanly loud simulation.

It's mine, now. I hope she forgets about it.

The next time we're forced to go to CEC, I'm going to give the kids a choice - we have lunch BEFORE and they can get another whoopie cushion. Or they can eat lunch THERE and they don't get a whoopie cushion.

Same results.

POSTSCRIPT: I'm getting feedback from sadvertising readers that farts are, indeed, funny.

Here's one reader's opinion: "John Lennon. The Queen of England. Ghandi. Saddam Hussein. Cher. Michaelangelo. Pee Wee Herman. Barry Bonds. Marilyn Manson. The Chicago Bears. Rammstein. Don Knotts. Jesus Christ. Martha Stewart.

They all fart, or have farted... everyone farts.

Loosen up, giggle a bit."

I was buying it until he got to Jesus Christ and Martha Stewart. No way.