Friday, September 23, 2011


The above graphic is a screen-cap for Retar...dex.  It's a dental product designed to RETARD bad breath.

Go ahead, laugh at the, moronic name.   But you didn't come here for stupid humor.  You came for the pithy, insightful and elevated.

So, look at the graphic below.  It's the company's own admission that they have a brainless brand name.  But, check out their 'excuse' -

"However it was developed by a Professor of Dentistry and his team to actively retard...Because their expertise was dentistry, not marketing, they didn't consider..."

Ohhh.  Right. The creator is just  a Professor of Dentistry!  Well now that they say that, all is forgiven.  After all, Dentists tend to be a little - you know - retar... well, slow on the uptake, if you know what I'm sayin'.

I just hope there wasn't any Chemistry required in the formulation of RetardEx.   "Geez!  How was I supposed to know that adding diesel fuel made it flammable!  I'm just a DENTIST!"


Wait!  If we have any comments on the name, we're asked to "...pass to our marketing department, contact us here." (insert email and facebook® icon).

So the Professor hired a whole department of marketing people afterwards and the name still sucks?!?

Scratch "HR Executive" off the Dentist's qualifications, too.

Geez. How retarded.

Oh.  And to the Executives at RetardEx. Anyone who's told you that "Any press is good press!" has never heard of Hitler.  And, if they've never heard of Hitler, they're stupid.