Monday, April 26, 2010

Sienna - the Minivan for MEN! DAMMIT!

The ad above is for the Toyota Sienna minivan.

What happened at Toyota?  They used to make reliable, well-made cars suited for sensible citizens.

"Wow, Gary.  That white Camry looks nice!"

"Yep.  It's got a sun roof, too."

"Wow.  Open it once, 'k?"


Then, someone in the Brand Department must have decided to add a little "edge" and soon, Toyota was accelerating down the fast track to...this.

The hip slogan (in hipply understated typography) reveals the target audience - frustrated male minivan drivers.    The New Sienna Minivan.  Daddy Like.

"Daddy Like."  Ah, dad.  Slopped forehead, hairy knuckles, monosyllabic.   Definitely a Neanderthal.  Only three things on dad's mind - beer, mom and, "GAWDDAMMIT!  GET YOUR SH*T OFF MY (@*#$& LAWN!"

Hence the headline, "Anger Management."

Now, Toyota mitigates the Male Driver temper by putting a camera that sees THAT GAWDAMN (@*#&$! FENCE! or SWEET JEBUS ON A @(*&$#~! STICK WHO PUT THE TRASH CAN THERE?!?!

Boy, I bet the family's happy now.

"Mom?  Why does daddy swear so much?  Is it because he got passed over for The Promotion again?"

"Hush hush!  We can barely afford this lease as it is!"

Thanks for thinking about Us Men, Toyota.

Now fix your @#(*$&#@! gas pedals so they don't kill anymore people.