Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why, it really IS OUTRAGEOUS!

The graphic above is from an Iowa bank chain's "viral" website -

The website - and supporting billboards & TV - tout "outrageous" things like the world record for throwing cow poop and the number of teeth in a shark's mouth.  The line of thought is supposed to lead to this fact:  MetaBank also provides OUTRAGEOUS services.

Funnn-NEE!  Why slapper-doodle dandy, that's a real hoot'n holler!

But for the rest of us who remember the Banking crisis of, oh, A FEW MONTHS AGO, where the government had to bail out a bunch of banks for OUTRAGEOUS management, "Outrageous" and "Banking" are like 2+2 = 3.

In the meantime, in an industry that - like it or not - is founded on TRUST, cowpies, sharks and outrageous business practices are really outrageous ideas to build an ad campaign upon.