Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nail polish? Check. Duct tape? Check. Raw pork? (heave..SPLAT!)

The ad above was ripped from the June 2008 edition of "Family Fun" magazine.

This ad is part of a similarly themed campaign designed to show the common, everyday, utilitarian uses for pork.

Pork & Nail Polish may be eye catching, but so are dead birds on the driveway. Gee whiz - not only is the layout grosser than road kill, it kicks the client into the ditch.

There were/are a hundred different ways the Pork People could have communicated the versatility and excitement of their product. Comparing it to Nail Polish...or Pilates (they do that on their website) not only devalues quality, it also disses the house WIFE as a dim-wit who can't see value for what it is - which in and of itself is rather goofy because Value, if it's really Valuable, should be obvious.

And the "guy" version is Pork & WD-40? Hmmm.

Clearly, the Pork People are trying to energize and "reawaken" a market they feel is undervaluing Pork's ability to fit in with their modern lifestyle. But allowing new consumers the opportunity to imagine the cold slime of raw pig and aroma of acetone isn't going to add fat to the long-term brand.