Monday, June 09, 2008

Forehead slapping time!

The graphic above is a screenshot from today's If there's ever any doubt that modern news is nothing more than entertainment, this should erase it. Notice three points regarding this "article":

A. The downfall of capitalism and the rise of the New World Monarchy run by gawd-only-knows-but-it-won't-be-good.

B. Lousy journalism.

C. Crowds can be horribly wrong.

First, the writer assumes " Americans..." we are simply turning over and "resigning" to $5 gasoline. If we indeed live in a capitalistic society, the consumer has ultimate power. Until we hear the sound of Jackboots during the 4th of July Parade, Americans aren't "resigning" anything - we're agreeing. Acquiescing more like it, but that's another issue.

Secondly, this isn't news, it's editorial. Americans are cutting back because they realize gasoline is soaking up disposable income. "Fear" is a strong word and should only be used to describe giant monsters, alien invasions and the wrath of God.

Thirdly, if we polled 8 year olds, 86% of them would believe that a Poke'mon Trainer is a real job. SADVERTISING READERS - please do your best today to remind your friends that we don't know the future, will never know the future...but we might lose our souls if we surrender rational thought to polls, popular culture and "media."

Gee whiz. If there ever WAS a Star-Chamber Cabal that sits over the fate of our pathetic destinies,'s story was just a veiled press release that we are indeed, sheep...and will soon be fleeced.