Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sometimes a logo needs a little space to calm down.

The graphic above is from - a franchise that specializes in providing kids with tutoring services.

Their mission is all well and good...but their logo casts a shadow on their teaching methodology. Specifically, the use of Clubz.

I once tried using Clubz to get the kids to pitch in on the housework once - it didn't work out well. First, they were too fast and secondly, I used rather large Clubz and the damage to the sheetrock and trim was horrific. In the end, I got tired from wielding the Clubz and ended up a broken man, hunched underneath my wife's wagging finger, "I told you, don't be too hard on the kidz!"

he he he...

Oh well - unfortunately, the logo designer's sense of typography just doesn't reflect the obvious passion of the company's leadership. A simple space between Club and Z would reinforce "Club Z's" desire to help, not pummel.