Monday, June 11, 2007

Yeah it's "Breathtaking." And it might be your LAST!

The graphic above is a scan from Boys Life magazine featuring an ad for Cherokee, North Carolina.

Evidently, Cherokee, North Carolina is a place where people can learn about Cherokee culture - part tourist trap, part historical site...I'd go. But only after I'm sure it's safe.

The headline reads: "We hope you have your First Aid merit badge. Cherokee is quite breathtaking."


'Don't know about this...I don't want to take my family some place that will require me or anyone else to say, "Boy! Am I glad I know first-aid!"

Oh, ok. I read the next line, "...Cherokee is quite breathtaking."

Ahh. Cherokee will take my breath away! As, magnitude, awestruck-ness.

No, wait a minute...there's something else about that ad that doesn't seem right...maybe it's that mad fat guy slathered in red paint giving me the death-stare.

After a bit of thought, having one's "First Aid" merit badge is a little passive. If I go to Cherokee, North Carolina, I want a pistol permit.