Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Whirlpool Food Converter

Convertible vegetables/meats.

Dad: (exclaims, holding refrigerator door open) Dangit!

Mom: What's wrong, honey?

Dad: You bought parsnips again!

Mom: What's wrong, honey?

Dad: They're an inconvertible vegetable!

Ok - does this mean there are vegetables that are convertible into other things - metals, plastics, elastic polymers? Or perhaps, there are some kind of "sporty" vegetables that benefit from a "top-down" treatment?

What about the "/meats"? Does this mean that there are some convertible meats, too? Maybe there's a vegetable/meat catagory - kind of like, "plant flesh"?


This industro-copy is probably written by the same people who deemed the lunchbox, "a food storage system."