Friday, July 08, 2005

Sadvertising - I'm sticking to it.

The advertising/marketing profession is the most powerful profession on earth, bar none. Marketers control words, pictures and ideas that are transacted as effortlessly as breathing.

This blog was created to critique and parody my profession's sloppy practices: needless negativity, short-sighted strategies, hypocrisy, self-importance, lies... This is called "Sadvertising."

"Sadvertising" is everywhere and its influence on average life is a lot like the famous story, The Princess and the Pea - its source may be hidden, but its effect is noticed. When negativity, short-sightedness, hypocrisy, self-importance, lies, etc. are commonly transacted, the result is that the bar of standards is lowered.

In practice, a line of poorly written copy on the back of a Diet Pepsi bottle doesn't change the earth's rotation. It doesn't create serial kilers. It doesn't incite race riots. But if you believe that one drop can raise the ocean, that little line of copy becomes more significant. As the Bible states, "A little leaven wrecks the loaf."

So far, most of the readers here are people of influence - CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders. If, by repetition and suggestion, one of these people of influence raise their own standards, change will happen and that change can't help but be positive.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.