Monday, January 18, 2010

Dumb on Arrival.

The photo above is an airport ad near Concourse C of the Minneapolis airport.  I would have missed it in my hurried scamper if it weren't for the astonished cackle of a (very) pretty mom pointing, "That's stupid!"

I had to stop and look.  At the ad.

Was it the burger?  Well, of course no real burger looks as towering and mighty as the photo-model, but certainly photographic deceit is nothing notable.  The fries?  Actually they looked rather good in real life.   How about...the Coke?  No.  Not the Coke.  Though the stuff may turn children into walruses it's not inherently a stupid mixture.

Hmmm.  Noticing that I'd stopped, she pointed again, "Look!  It says 'Appetites departing ahead!' At least they gave us a warning!"  She laughed again, collected her kids and shooed them forward.  "See what happens when you don't study grammar?  That's why mom always tells you to..."

Oh well.  Maybe they pass out barf bags in case your appetite departs mid-meal?