Sunday, November 15, 2009

Save HUGE money.

The scan above is of a ToysRUs flier that we got in the paper.

Money's a little tight this year.  But, with "up to $5,500 in savings," we're feeling much better about moving forward on that solid gold Lego® set and 10ct Diamond Barbie® for Christmas.

We've always tried our best to indulge our kids NOW because who knows?!   Some day, a stronger, more disciplined and forward-thinking power might rise up and subject us all to a life of subservitude.  Boy, I can tell you this, we're all going to be hugely happy, huddled around the barrack fire, warming our gruel, reminiscing about the good ol'days when it took 3 whole days to unwrap our presents...

No, seriously, I showed this to my wife and she was rather happy because the savings justified renting that 3rd pickup truck for when we're going shopping next week.

Ok.  Ok.  Kidding aside.  Say you don't spend near enough at ToysRUs to warrant $5,500 in discounts.  Say you spend...maybe only enough to save two, three grand in discounts.  Geez.  Every little bit helps, right?

"Honey!  I had a great day shopping at ToysRUs!  I saved $2,500 on toys for Cindy and Larry!"

(sniff sniff) Do I smell another Stimulus Check coming?!?