Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yet ANOTHER man enters the frame...

The graphic above is from's website and advertises more news regarding Michael Jackson's "death."*

But this post isn't about Michael, his bulldog-faced dad or Rev. Jesse. It's about "another man" - the nameless guy in the middle.

It's sad, really...when you're posing between two legendary publicity hounds and the largest news distributor in the world won't even get your name. "Another man..." I bet he's walking in the front door, head hanging low, thinking of all the millions he COULD have had. Hmmm. I also bet his wife is standing in the kitchen, arms folded, growling, "Get back out there and don't come back until you get us a Reality Show!"

Poor dude. And it looks like he was so ready for the moment - shades, open collar, great-looking blazer...Oh well. Back to whatever "another man" was doing last week before his big break came and went.

*Why the quotation marks? Well for one, The Gloved One's star just got an obvious boost. But I'm holding out the crazy notion that somewhere, he's sitting at a Burger King with whatever's left of his fortune in his pocket, reading classified ads for home-employment in Thailand.

BREAKING NEWS! A Sadvertising reader JUST stated that "another man" could be Michael Jackson's REAL killer!

Sweet Jimminy! This could be huge!! You heard it here first, folks!!

Update: Two hours later, we get a NEW POSE, but the same old "another man." What the heck is Jesse staring at, anyway?

I want to see them all doing the moonwalk.