Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Put a million Graphic Designers in a room with a Mac...

When I was a little kid, I remember listening to a group of my parents friends talking over cocktails. The conversation was steeped in importance and scotch - the prattle of big words mingled with the tink of booze-coated ice cubes.

Anyway, one of my dad's friends - "Paul" - said (rather pithily), "You know, it is said that if you put a million chimpanzees in a room with a million typewriters for a million years, they'd eventually type the Declaration of Independence!"

Judging from the five logos shown in the graphic above, the same monkey-million philosophy applies to Graphic Designers, too - give a million designers a million Macintoshes and eventually, they'll come up with the same logo.

Look for yourself - it's the SAME LOGO. Five different clients, five different proposals, five different invoices, five different checks, five different bank accounts. SAME LOGO.

At least Quark had the brains to trademark it, so I guess they win.

[Thank you to my buddy Lapwin in the Netherlands for this information - if he and I were on a desert island for a million years, we'd never agree on anything and we'd get along just fine.]