Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The start of this Blog

It's called "sadvertising."

Actually, it started out as "badvertising" but this free Blog-ware wouldn't allow the name.

That means, someone else picked it first. Someone else had a similar idea.

Someone else is disappointed by bad, sad advertising, too.

It's an easy guess to make - we're all disappointed by bad, sad advertising.

And here's your, our forum.

First, a little bit about me - I am the president of an advertising agency. I have won more awards than need to be counted. I have created products and ideas that have changed industries. I am good at what I do and have the jealous critics to prove it. I know what I write about by virtue of experience, success.

In one statement - the state of advertising in America sucks and it has negatively effected the quality of life of everyone.

"Sadvertising" creates unrealistic expectations - those unmet expectations encourage cynicism and rancor.

"Sadvertising" promotes intellectual laziness - that laziness reduces the individual's ability to reason and act.

"Sadvertising" communicates untruth - this distorts reality and cheapens character.

"Sadvertising" is cheaply made - this devalues craftsmanship and creativity.

The purpose of this Blog is to rile and stir the masses to filter the dross and value the truth. It is also to hold me accountable to my own principles and beliefs.

Arguements are welcome. Agreement is cherished.